Explore your new potentials.

Idea Generation

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We work with you to gather ideas and conduct market research to identify potential opportunities

Concept Development

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We define your product requirements, create a concept design and develop a proof of concept


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We build and test multiple prototypes, iterate design and refine the product based on your feedback

Co-Development with You

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We work collaboratively with you to finalize product design, identify potential manufacturing issues and establish a timeline for production

In-House Small Batch Manufacturing

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We use our in-house production machines to produce small batches of the prodcut, test the manufacturing process and refine the product design

Large Scale Manufacturing

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Two Options based on your preference:

– You purchase a production machine from us to manufacture your produt in-house

– Alternatively, you can outsource the production to one of our trusted partners who are equipped with the necessary machines to produce your product 

Quality Control

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We implement quality control measures to ensure the product meets your requirements and specifications