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Revolutionizing the industrial
smart textiles & e‐textiles production.

Enabling innovation through


From idea to mass production

We accompany you every step from the development of your e‐textile product to its mass production.

Product Development & Prototyping

We transform your product concepts into reality. Obtain a proof of concept and functional prototypes to accelerate your product's journey from idea to market.

Small Batch Manufacturing

Our on‐site small batch manufacturing services allow you to start production before the machinery is available at your facility.

Transfer Into Mass Production

Whether in‐house or outsourced, we assist you in selecting the right equipment or producer from our wide partner network.

Workshops & Trainings

We help you master electrical engineering, e‐ textiles development, and technical embroidery machine operation.


Our specialty – refining e-textile with embroidery innovation

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About us

3E Smart Solutions – your gateway to innovation and excellence

We are a passionate team of visionaries dedicated to creating cutting‐edge solutions that redefine industries and empower individuals like you.

As leading experts in the field of smart and e‐textiles, we blend innovative technology with decades of expertise in embroidery to create customized, high‐quality embroidered functional textiles.

From the very inception of our projects, we carefully plan for a seamless transition to mass production.

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Dipl.-Ing. Melanie Hoerr

Co-Founder & Lead Development Engineer

MSc. Steliyan Vasilev

Co-Founder & Development Engineer

Michaela Kasdorf

Embroidery Specialist

MSc. Sven Boehmer

Sales Expert, Technical Embroidery Systems

Dipl.-Ing. Melanie Hoerr

Co-Founder & Lead Development Engineer


I am Melanie Hoerr, Co-Founder and Lead Development Engineer at 3E Smart Solutions. 

I hold a degree in mechanical engineering from RWTH Aachen University in Germany. After my graduation, I worked for 5.5 years at the Institute of Textile Technology at RWTH Aachen University as a research assistant. During this time, I specialized in Smart & E-Textiles, and for 2.5 years, I had the privilege of leading the research group dedicated to Functional Textiles and Smart Textiles. 

Later on, I worked as a research intern at the Printed, Textile Flexible Electronics (PTFE) Laboratory at Microsoft (Applied Science Group, Surface) in Redmond, WA, USA. 

Since June 2016, I have been the Head of Product Design & Innovation within the Technical Embroidery Applications, Smart & E-Textiles department of ZSK Technical Embroidery Systems, a division of ZSK Stickmaschinen GmbH, based in Krefeld, Germany. 

In January 2023, together with my dedicated team, we launched ZSK’s in-house engineering office, 3E Smart Solutions – Embroidery. Electronics. Engineering. We are committed to supporting customers all over the world on their journey of e- & smart textiles product development. 

Best regards, 

MSc. Steliyan Vasilev

Co-Founder & Development Engineer


My name is Steliyan Vasilev, one of the Co-Founders and a Development Engineer at 3E Smart Solutions. 

I hold an MSc. in Electrical Engineering from RWTH Aachen University, with a specialization in Biomedical Engineering. 

During my studies, I gained valuable experience in the field of Medical Smart Textiles while working as a student research assistant at the Institute of Textile Technology at RWTH Aachen University.  

In 2019, I joined the Technical Embroidery Applications, Smart & E-Textiles department of ZSK Stickmaschinen GmbH as a research intern and, following my graduation in early 2021, I transitioned into a full-time role as a Development Engineer.  

In my current position at 3E, I am primarily responsible for managing the electrical aspects of product development, ensuring the reliable functionality of the smart and e-textiles we create. 

Best regards, 

Michaela Kasdorf

Embroidery Specialist


My name is Michaela Kasdorf, and I am an Embroidery Specialist at 3E Smart Solutions. 

I have been working in the field of embroidery for over 37 years, including more than 5 years in technical embroidery. My long experience with embroidery machines allows me to strive for the highest quality results. 

At 3E, I am responsible for the implementation of customer projects, with a focus on digitization and the production of prototypes on the machines. 

Best regards,