Optimizing Embroidered Conductive Traces for E-Textiles

Authors: Steliyan Vasilev1, Melanie Hoerr1, Michaela Kasdorf1, Sven Boehmer2

13E Smart Solutions, Krefeld, Germany

2ZSK Stickmaschinen GmbH, Krefeld, Germany

1. Introduction

Embroidery was historically a means of adorning fabrics with intricate patterns, a testament to human skill. However, in the modern era, this ancient art form has significantly evolved. In recent years, embroidery has undergone a profound transformation, emerging as a pioneering technology at the intersection of artistry and functionality. This article delves into the possibilities which embroidery offers for the production of Smart and E-Textiles, exploring technical intricacies, advantages, and challenges related to embroidered conductive traces.

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