Starter Kit Conductive Yarn F-Head

Looking to experiment with embroidery with conductive threads? Our Starter Kit Conductive Yarn F-Head contains four different conductive yarns, suitable for embroidery with ZSK’s F-Head. Save yourself the hassle of searching for the right material and contacting different providers, as we have already carefully selected the best conductive yarns for you. We’ve also included a test embroidery file to get you started. 

Our Starter Kit Conductive Yarn F-Head includes: 

  • 1 Spool Madeira HC 40 (2500 m) 
  • 1 Spool Amann SilverTech 120 (2500 m)
  • 1 Spool Amann SilverTech+ 100 (2000 m) 
  • 1 Spool Amann SilverTech+ 150 (2500 m) – Bobbin Thread 
  • Embroidery Test File: Conductive Traces – F-Head 

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